After some people asking me 'what about another expo?', 'when will be your next show?' And as a refreshment from the everyday life as designer, I decided to try something new and dive back in my self-learning artistic adventure. I come back to visual arts, in a certain way. Now, different from my paintings in 2010, the idea is to print my images out there, not only as paintings (which I'll keep doing, of course), but to live closer to people, as unique personal objects.

Let's consider as a new venue for my creative work as visual artist, but this time, with a whole new approach.

Here you find unique images that will bring new meanings to every-day life moments. Only here you'll find some of my original creations, printed on i-phone cases, laptop, and i-pad skins, apparel, home decor and more. 

----- Alvaro Artist -----

I'm a brazilian visual artist living in Canada since 2009. My professional work is mostly as designer on graphics - print and web, on videos and on space and show design (alvarodesigner.ca). Since 2010, thanks to some very special encounters, I started back again on painting and drawing, and developed an 'aside-carrier' as self-learned visual artist, mostly to enjoy more freedom in creation than I felt as designer. During this period, my public exhibitions were mostly on restaurants and coffee-shops in Montreal, which brought me to some admirers and buyers.

Now, in 2015, the idea is to go beyond what I have already experienced before. The idea now is to produce unique objects printed with high-resolution images I paint, draw, shoot, cut, glue or manipulate. You can have exclusive and personal objects of your choice from any collection. New collections and images will be added frequently. Stay tuned to special promotions and exclusive discount at my Facebook page!

...and if you don't find an image that pleases you, why don't you let me know what it would be? Maybe I can try to create something specially for you, in the style of your choice!

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Orders time delivery can vary a lot from place to place. Also, since I work with different print partners located in different locations over the U.S. East coast and Southeast Canada, orders are estimated to be delivered (in average) between 8 up to 15 days, for some U.S. and Canadian orders.

For international orders, this delay will also be affected by local post services.