COUPEZ-ICI : Inquisition, Thirsty & Mama Mia

Three new arrivals in the family: Inquisition, Thirsty & Mama Mia (bellow).
All three in the same methods: handmade photomontage. No Photoshop here…well, only for polishing and publishing. The creation process is all old-school.


At Coupez-ici, the visual search started as a game and developed in different research branches. We tested photography and video also, so soon I’ll be posting some of these parallel creations. Since some photomontage techniques on Photoshop became very popular, a new wave of surrealistic and dreamy photomontage became trendy.


Our aim at Coupez-ici is to avoid already digital images and go back to old archives, researching and cutting apart published images, laying in down in some old and forgotten books. So, we don’t resize our images, we don’t flip them either. What you cut is what you got. No Photoshop methods to neat and precise cut neither.

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